Tracking Rework Costs

  • 25 January 2022
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We are on version 10.1.600 and looking for a way to track out rework costs. Currently all items identified as suspect go through the DMR process and are dispositioned as scrap or as rework or accept as is if no major issues.


However, for the rework - we either accept to a new rework job OR we accept to the original job but a new operation(s) added for the rework that needs to be done. I’m looking for some feedback on how some of you may be tracking rework costs and how we can adapt those processes.



1 reply

Rework capture thoughts-

Are you then using the Labor Capture to Start Rework to accumulate work associated to that Labor Type?

When you create a Rework Job do you add a Job Prefix for example RWK123456 that you can then do a BAQ to pull in all Labor and Materials to jobs with that prefix during a particular period?