Closing Multiple Projects

  • 4 August 2022
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I have 100 projects that need to be closed. The person who was supposed to close them didn’t, they’ve left the company and now I need to find a way to do this quickly instead of having 1 person go through and close each project. The Project table doesn’t have a closed check box, you have to close it via the actions menu. I was hoping to close them with an updateable dashboard but the field I require doesn’t exist.


3 replies

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The Project table does contain a field called ActiveProject, which you should be able to update via a BAQ.  This will flag the project as InActive, but if you want to cease all inventory and labour activities against the Project, you will need to Close the Jobs that are linked to the Project, if any.

I’ve closed all the jobs thru the DMT. I was hoping to do the same thing with the projects, but obviously can’t. I definitely want to close them because we are having instances where engineers and manufacturing employees are accidentally charging labor to closed projects. Since I can’t close them via the DMT, I was hoping to do an updateable dashboard and wondered if anyone else had done anything like this. 


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You are correct, the first place I looked to assist you was DMT, but it does not appear to have the Project tables listed in it.

An Updatable BAQ, may be the easier route, allowing only the ActiveProject field to be updated