Maintenance Management Module Setup

  • 6 February 2023
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I have seen some discussion on the Maintenance Management module here, but I am looking specifically for anyone who has had any experience with setting up the module.  We are in the early stages of looking into this module and I am looking to keep down setup costs by installing and setting up myself.  Has anyone had any experience with setting up the module for basic use in the past?  

We are currently running on 10.2.600.40 on premise.  



7 replies

I am in the same situation.

Generally, installing and configuring the Modules goes relatively smoothly with a walkthrough if provided. It is just the learning how to use them afterwards.  Epicor likes to get those consulting dollars watching installations.  Let me know if you hear anything.  

Did you just acquire the software or have you just not implemented the Maintenance Module yet?  To stay on track with our implementation timeline, we chose the second path and are now going back to implement the Maintenance Module.

We just received the quote.  We have a Demo set up for Friday.  I have been reading into your previous posts and watched the first quarter of the 2WTech demo late yesterday.  We are currently only at 2 locations, but we have been growing rapidly this past year.  We need a more organized method of keeping up on all of the maintenance and scheduling needs. 

When you say the Second Path - what do to mean?  

We implemented Epicor in 6 plants over 4 years. I was one of the original core team members.  Although the Maintenance Module was in our original software purchase, we chose  to take it out of scope for the initial implementation. Now that we are up and running, I am going back to implement this Module of the software.

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From what i remember you will need to setup:

  1. Equipment types
  2. Equipment status codes
  3. Equipment locations
  4. Topics
  5. Maintenance operations
  6. Equipment plans/result entries
  7. Equipment records

There may be other areas but this should get you started and the help/education should fill in the blanks

Reach out if you need more information


I had a Demo with our Epicor Rep yesterday.  Like what this module has to offer.  I hope we can get this one on the books in the near future.  I appreciate the feedback.