Scheduling WIP jobs to be on the same operation

  • 3 February 2023
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We have a customer that wants us to produce Product A. During the manufacturing process Product A needs to go through heat treat operation. Product A is serial tracked and the raw material used is lot tracked from receipt from supplier. The customer is requiring that a Tensile Bar (Product B) which must be from the same original raw material lot as Product A and is on another job, must go through the same heat treat operation (the 2 jobs must be combined in the same furnace load). Both of these jobs would be in WIP at the same time. Product B would not be in stock.

We do not do Make to Order/Make Direct but Make to Stock. We could do a Make Direct for this, but it still will not solve our same furnace load issue to bring the two WIP jobs together for the heat treat operation and be scheduled to run together.

In trying to test Batch job to see if this would solve our issue, the Batch checkbox was not enabled, so assuming that because our finished good part is serialized, that is causing further complexity.

Has anyone done anything similar to this and have recommendations of how to proceed

4 replies

I think that you would want to co-part these to create a singular Job for both parts. 

Thanks.  Looking at Co Part, it indicates we need Advanced Mfg Module and that the parts can’t be serialized so this does not appear to be an option for us to pursue.  I appreciate it.


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Can you make Part B, the Tensile Bar, a sub-assembly to Part A?  Then schedule the sub-assembly to meet Part A at the furnace?

Another option might be a Make to Job demand scenario, where the Tensile Bar is created in a Job, that needs to be completed, as this Job (Tensile Bar) is material to the Part A job, and both pieces are required at the same operation step?

Thanks for the suggestion.  We are already doing those options, but there is nothing that will “force” them into the furnace together.