Single Sales Order, Separate PO per Line

  • 1 August 2022
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We have an issue that I would guess that others may have come across, but I have not been able to come up with a good solution for to this point.  

We create a Sales order.  The client then creates several POs for each ‘Option’ for the machine that is being purchased.  This is broken down in their system by PO while in our system, it is simply a single Sales Order for the full amount.  

In the simplest form, One Sales Order - referencing Multiple customer POs.  Currently we add as many of the customer POs into the PO field (x50) and then make a note in the comment field of what each of the POs are for and the dollar amount.  

I have created a UD Field on the Orderdtl table to record the Customer PO number which would require us to enter each particular line individually.  If we did this, then Line one would be the full amount, and the rest would be 0.00 per line associated with the PO Number and part description.  

I need these POs separated by lines so that I may be able to kick them out to a report that can be sent to the customer. 

Does anyone else have a solution to a situation similar to this?  I welcome any ideas.



2 replies

Have you looked at the Project Management module? That may provide more flexibility to track the Options.


If you don’t have that have you thought about using the SO Line/Rel Reference Field to enter the PO or something identifying the Option?

Line 1 could be the base product. Line 2 through X could be the various options.


I try to stay away from special configuration changes when a little Outside the Box (yet inside the standard features) may fill the desired outcome.

A report could be created that brings in the SO and each Line(Option) and status. A Sales Order Acknowledgement will show all the lines too.





Bill - 

As I have received information from the team, I keep going back to the Project Module.  That is a ‘No Go’ for now.  I even created a UD field to track the Press Number which would basically serve as the Project Number.  

However - Thank you for the Reference Field suggestion.  I think this may solve the issue of tracking the PO numbers, however, it is now a matter of convincing sales to change the current process of how orders are entered for this customer.  

Thank you again for the quick response.