Insights 2021 - EUG Session Recording

  • 23 July 2021
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Insights 2021 - EUG Session Recording
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If you weren’t able to attend Insights 2021, you can view a recording of the main EUG Session.

EUG at Insights 2021

Watch as Keith Cote (President) and Danielle Holbrook (VP Americas) talk about the current status of the EUG, what we are doing to deliver more benefits to our members and how we’re looking to make changes to the way the EUG is run to support the operational and growth plans for the future.

To participate in the interactive part of the presentation please visit and use the code 3824 1136 (this is different to the code in the recording and is valid until Friday 6th August) or use the QR code(s) in the video.



We want to hear your feedback, good or bad please feel free to share by sending an email to:

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