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  • 2 February 2023
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I am 99% complete testing my ACH payment and I noticed my NACHA file only has payment 1 of 2 for each of the suppliers I paid 2 test invoices for.  The Remittance Advice & Pos Pay shows two invoices/total for both, Supplier Tracker payment history shows the total.  My NACHA file only lists the first invoice for each.  Anyone run into this or have any idea if it’s a configuration issue?  I think it might be my file.  This is beyond frustrating - started this process 5 months ago.


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You’re probably missing a loop somewhere.  I believe I’ve done NACHA files before and it did output for all the suppliers like you are expecting.

That’s what I am looking for.  I never have to tell Epicor to pay the total for multiple invoices for Check Payment.  What would be different in electronic payment meth?


The total of the multiple-invoice vendor shows up correctly on the Remittance Advice, but only the first invoice amount shows up on my NACHA file.  I’ll take another run through.

What version of Epicor are you running?  There are ACH files right out of the box.  The most I’ve had to do is tweak one line of their code.  I’ve noticed in the past 6 years, they’ve added files for most major banks and almost all banks use one of two standard layouts.  BofA is the exception and that’s the one I had to tweak but it was very minor.

Epicor ERP10 - file was modified for us using bank’s format. 

My NACHA file only shows the total on the first invoice, not the grand total, for supplier paid multiple invoices in one payment.  Unless I am missing something?  When I look at Supplier Tracker>Links>Payments It shows the correct total for both invoices and the ACH payment number assigned.  Is there somewhere in my configuration that I am missing a checkbox to pay all invoices selected?  I know that only one invoice number will print, but shouldn’t the grand total show up on the NACHA file?

Without seeing detail, it sounds like you’re pulling the wrong amount field into the ACH file.  There is no configuration checkbox that will lead to a difference between the ACH file and the amount in Supplier tracker.  What field are you using to populate payment amount in the ACH file?

Payment Entry adds the two invoices together, and shows the payment total correctly.  I made one $600 test invoice, one $200 test invoice.  The total payment shows up as $800 in Payment Entry, but the NACHA file created lists the first invoice number and $600.  Am i just not understanding this correctly?  I assumed it would work just like check processing.

I’d need to see the SQL.  It looks like you’re pulling from the CashDtl table when you should be pulling from the CashHead table.  There is no reason to have an invoice number in an ACH file unless you’re doing CTX format.  It looks like, instead of pulling the payment total from CashHead you’re pulling the first payment only from CashDtl.  But I can’t comment on that without seeing the SQL. 

I just went back and looked at my ACH files.  The one’s I’ve written to the NACHA spec do not contain invoice numbers.  Only the CTX file does and that’s a totally different layout.  So I’m not sure why yours is pulling in an invoice number.

It is pulling from the correct tables.  The first line for each supplier contains all one string with the total in the string, embedded.  There is also a second line for each supplier with the first invoice number & first invoice total. I was extremely confused by this because no one has seen this format. 

This was per my bank’s instructions, per the individual who revised my file.  I am awaiting review by the bank to ensure the file is in the right format.  thanks for everyones input.