Add Existing BAQ as a Subquery

  • 11 May 2023
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This may not be possible but I have to ask…  Is there a way to take an existing BAQ and add it to a new BAQ as a subquery?  I tried importing to a blank subquery but that did nothing.  The imported query does not even show in the subqueries table list.  It would save me hours to not have to recreate it from scratch.

-Todd C. 

5 replies

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I think that your answer is found here:

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Thanks David but it is giving me grief about my EpicCare login email address.  I am logged in to EpicCare the usual way which works fine.  Both in Chrome and Edge.  I will try searching EpicCare.



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Brief answer: nope.  You have to recreate it. 


You might be able to have two BAQ windows open, highlight the tables in query designer and copy (Ctrl-c) from one and paste (ctrl-v) to the other. I’ve copied within the same BAQ to different subqueries , but I never tried from one BAQ to another BAQ.  

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It’s an Epicor Idea about this very thing.

Here’s a screenshot:


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You can copy BAQ’s and then update the copied BAQ so that the top-level BAQ becomes a Sub query.

It should be quicker than manually replicating the original.

It’s not ideal because any changes made to the master need to be manually copied into the duplicated BAQ’s but until the feature is available natively this is the best work around.

If the top level BAQ is something you need to reference multiple times you could consider a SQL view and access the SQL view as an External Datasource in an External BAQ.