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  • 6 March 2023
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I only need to add a field to an SSRS report once in a blue moon so it seems I am always relearning the needed steps.  For the Material Transaction Detail report I need to add the EntryPerson.  In the RDD maintenance it is an excluded field so I have cleared the check marks on a new definition and referenced this in the new report style.  But in SSRS Report Builder I don’t see the new field.  In RB under the DataSet Properties for PartTran I added EntryPerson.  Now I can add that field OK but when I run the new report style it contains no data although a quick BAQ shows names for all the transactions.

I feel that I am missing a step somewhere - possibly in a query but I can’t recall where to do this.  I have a vague memory of a non-intuitive way to access the query code.  Any hints?

Todd Caughey


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4 replies

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You have to modify the query for the dataset to include that field.  The query is behind the “fx” button when you view the dataset properties.  You also put the field in the fields list.  it is very non-intuitive.

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You’re right. You need to add it to the select statement in the SQL in the dataset properties. 


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Never mind.  I found it under the Dataset properties in RB and modified the expression there to add EntryPerson.  The report is working as needed now.

-Todd C.

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I just saw the previous replies.  Thank you both because if I had to found it these would have saved me a lot of time and grief.