APR Send ACH Remittance Notification to Specific Role

  • 5 January 2021
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We recently set up ACH successfully and are trying to create an APR to Send out Remittance notifications to alerts Vendors of the payments.  The APR is breaking on the CheckHed.VendorNum_VendorID field.  This was done so that suppliers with multiple invoices being paid will receive ONE report listing all of the invoices being paid and not a separate report/email for each invoice.  

What I cannot get to work is to have the email be sent to the Supplier Contact (VendCnt.EmailAddress) that has the Role code (VendCnt.RoleCode) of Accounts Receivable? 

How do I specify that particular Contact Email address as the one that should receive the email?  It works if I hard code an email address in the Confirmation Email but not if I try to Insert the Address as a Field.  


6 replies

We are encountering the same issue if anyone has a solution from the community.

We currently have working but have setting “Select = All”.  This way we can have multiple contacts receive the remittance if needed.  We have our remittance role as “APREMIT”.  Hope this helps.



What data directive are you using for your AP Remit?  We don’t see the VendCnt table available on our end, only Vendor, AP Tran, and Check Hed.


In the report style:  Report ID… = APCheck

SSRS Breaking/Routing tab – break on CheckNum

Condition is checking for the @ symbol.


False: Prints


It appears we are breaking on check num, but still not seeing the vendorCnt available.


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I have difficulty getting Epicor to perform emails using the basic BPM workflow, so I have created my own Custom Code email template.  This template allows for more flexibility than the standard options (IMO):