Cloud MRP - Logfile Question

  • 24 January 2022
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We recently started running MRP as a scheduled task.  I would like to have my client contact reschedule it with logging turned on for MRP and Scheduling but Help is not very clear about where the log file is put when running in a Cloud environment.  In System Agent Maintenance I can see the Client Directory name ending in the site ID but this does not tell me much about where to find a log file.  It looks a bit like a URL rather than a directory.

Sorry about all the cloud questions, the differences take a little getting used to.

-Todd C.



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2 replies

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There’s a form within Epicor called “Server File Download.” You’ll find the log there.

Not sure if the options are different based on company configurations, but for us I get to those logs by choosing “Company” in the Directory Type dropdown, clicking the Select File button, then double clicking on the Log folder and then double clicking the folder for the user who the schedule runs under.

The logs will be in there.

Also, I’ve found that if you don’t put something in the Log field in the Process MRP form that it won’t create the logs. At least that’s been my experience.

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Thanks David!  It took some searching but I found the form under System Management - Schedule Processes.  Nothing to download at the moment until we turn on the logging.  I had assumed that putting in a log file name would turn it on but did not know where to get it from.

Thanks again,