Does Epicor have any functionality to work with Third-Part Contractors

  • 24 May 2023
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We engage two Third-Party Contractors to manufacture and ship product for us. They act as a direct branch of our company. Currently we are selecting/reserving parts for orders in FFWB and generating the Material Queue Reports for these companies and they are sending them back to use once the order has shipped. 


Does Epicor have any functionality for a situation like this? Even and add-on?


6 replies

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Hi Karen,

Have you explored subcontract operations and subcontract shipment entry?


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Sub-contract operations are the way to go for this

Sub-contract definitely the right choice.

Can someone provide an outline of how using sub-contract operations would work? We don’t stock these Parts here, we don’t even make part of the Part here. The third-party makes the Part, we buy it from them (it’s stocked in their warehouse) and they ship it to our customer.

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In that case, why don’t you just make them a supplier and place purchase orders with them that specify drop-shipping to your customers?  What are we missing here?

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If you are using your material in their jobs, go with subcontracted operation. There is no Kinetic function to drop ship from wip from a subcontractor. We have asked in the past but you might want to put it into Kinetic Ideas. (I’d vote for it.)

If you are buying a completed thing and shipping it yourself, then use BTO.

If you are buying and they are shipping then BTO/Drop ship.

It gets more complicated if you are buying a production run and they are stocking for you but there is probably something you could do with a shared warehouse and auto-receipt to inventory.