Epicor Kinetic New Hire Training Plan

  • 17 March 2022
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Hi everyone, 

Does anyone have an Epicor training plan template? I was promoted a couple of months ago and am trying to formalize onboarding instead of ad hoc training. 

I would like a plan for someone on my team as the Business Systems Analyst and then hoping to leverage that plan to establish an on boarding training for the general Epicor users. 

I have the PDF’s from EpicWeb and will have him start with the the basic fundaments, navigation, then system flow, then looking into the various knowledge camps. I was curious how others approach training a new hire on Epicor. 

I am looking forward to making some connections @ insights this year!

Thanks a bunch. 


1 reply

Hi Amy,

I see this post is a bit old, so you may already be done with training, but here’s what I have found after training dozens of people over the years. I would create work instructions only to find that most people prefer hands on training.

But one thing I always do with the work instructions is create a short list of steps at the top followed by screen shots of each step. Once they get the hang of it, they can simply follow the short list of steps.

Good luck. I didn’t make it to insights this year. How was it?