Group Labor Entry MES

  • 20 March 2024
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We have two powder coating lines with 6 employees working per line. One employee handles the work registration while the remaining 5 assist.
Currently, the 5 assistants do not report their work, resulting in only registering indirect hours (IDLE). The durations of work order operations vary from 20 minutes to several hours.
Especially with short series, the work registration operator struggles to log in the remaining 5 assistants to the work order in MES.
We now aim to have all work hours recorded on the work orders to avoid IDLE hours and accurately allocate costs to work orders. We prefer not to perform hours backflushing as it still logs IDLE hours.
Current version is EPICOR 10.2.700.40.

We are looking for a simple method to have the entire team of 6 people logged in and out to the work order at once.


Is this possible in EPICOR?


Thank you in advance!

3 replies

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Take a look at Crew Size on the Resource Group.  This should be able to do what you require.



Thanks Doug !

Then we are left with the IDLE times of these employees who are present in EPICOR but do not report work.

Do you have any ideas about that?

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With that in mind, I believe the only way is to log them all in.


Have you considered using barcodes to speed up the entry?  This would require some barcode special characters like tab and enter.  Since the job number is different each time, that barcode code be on the job traveler.  Not a perfect solution.