Identify Primary Warehouse for a Part during Order Entry

  • 13 February 2023
  • 3 replies

We have multiple warehouses which are located in different states. Parts are warehoused and shipped from only one location. Is there anything on the Sales Order Entry that will show the CSRs which warehouse(s) the Parts are shipping from?


3 replies

In Sales Order Entry, under the Release details, you can see the Primary Warehouse, but that doesn’t mean they will be shipped from that location.  We always use Part Advisor to see Warehouse and Bin Locations.

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In the open with context menu Part Advisor and Part tracker are both good tools.

Just right click on the part number to se the open with options.

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At the product group level you can define the “Sales Site”, then Epicor will pull the default warehouse from this site in Order Entry when used in other sites and also show the on-hand quantity at that site/warehouse in the Releases tab.  If no stock is shown as available in that default sales site/warehouse combination the user can then look @ part tracker etc. to see where the items actually are.