Inspection Plan Format in 2023.1 Data Collection

  • 19 January 2024
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We are in the process of testing 2023.1 with plans to upgrade our production environment in February. Today we tested inspection plans and found a problem with the way the Enter Results screen is formatting in Data Collection.

Here is what the inspection plan Enter Results looks like for Final Inspection in Pilot 2023.1 Data Collection – a horizontal row (a very long row)



image817×181 6.78 KB


Here is an example what the inspection plan looks like in 2023.1 Inspection Plan Configurator Test Inputs. This is also what it looks like in Production 2021.2.5 Data Collection. This is happening to all inpsection plans ans is not acceptable since the inspection text is missing. Does anyone know how we can get it to look like this in 2023.1 Data Collection? I do not seem to be able to locate whatever setting is controlling this.



image817×750 52.2 KB



5 replies

Are we the only ones who have seen this in 2023.1? 

Resonse from EPicCare is that this is the way it is. It is "working as designed."  "The Kinetic Inspection Results just takes the Attributes on the Specification Plan and puts them into columns - we don't spin up a view of the Inspection Configurator. The problem is the Inspection type Configurator was never converted to Kinetic. The customer should enter an idea for this. It is being reviewed for the road map under ERP-47870 but should have a formal idea by a customer entered."
We use inspection plans on every single job (approximately 2000 jobs completed per month).
Shouldn't Ideas be for things that would make the system better? Not for things that Epicor has broken?
Quite frustrated with this response.

Added to Epicor Ideas. Please vote for this if you use or plan to use Epicor Inspection Plans.

Although we don’t use Inspection Plans, we’d like to ! and we heard about this regression in Kinetic not long after we moved to E10 (Our version of 9 also contained bugs that prevented use of Inspection Plans). 

I fully sympathise here and I think you’ve been very calm and have every right to be angry - I am and I don’t even use Inspection Plans yet…!

Likewise, Ideas is the wrong forum for this glaring omission of Key features and functionality. This really should be top of their agenda to re-instate. The software shouldn’t be out there with this element missing.

We’ve raised this with our Account Manager and our technical partners are acutely aware of this as it has affected some of their clients.

There are many words I could use here - but won’t. Rest assured I will support your ‘idea’


Additional Note: As we continue testing 2023.2 and trying to use the new “less than” kinetic inspection plans, discovered another issue. Since Kinetic does not launch the inspection plan configurator, the pass/fail rules that we set in the on complete section of the inspection plan configurator no longer work. The majority of our inspection plans are built using checkboxes.