Issue with MRP Job Suggestions in Kinetic

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We are doing our Final Pilot before going live and we have encountered an issue with MRP Job Suggestions which we have not seen before.

The MRP has run and has created Unfirm Job Suggestions which can be seen in the below screenshot -



However when we click on the Job to Open in Job Entry we get the following -



We have tried this on a new part and a part that we have used in previous Pilot's without issue. We have also run the MRP a few times now with the same issue. 

When we try and make changes in Job Status Maintenance we get the following error -



I have raised a Case with support but was just wondering if anyone else had experienced this?

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Haven’t experienced this issue, just a note to say try replicating in the Classic screen, my experience is the Kinetic ‘Sorry!’ are not quite to the same standard as the classic ones.

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That’s the problem, i cannot. Because i did a Data Model Regen etc.. the issue goes away and through no end of trying, i cannot get it to do it again. It is twice in two days it has done it though. Next time it happens i will look in Classic.