Job Operation inspection plan

We have inspection plans and specifications on the revisioin method for some operations. 

We can stop using it on a few, so I removed the inspection plan and specification from the revision method, I approved it and checked the revision back in. The plan and specification are not longer on the method.

When we get details for a job, the inspection plan and operation are populating and requiring us to process them.

What step am I misssing?

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Found it, we put it on the Operation Master as well and the Part Rev Method Masters. 

All good.

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Dear Laird, 


Thanks so much for specifying what the answer was!  So many times we search an issue, and at the bottom of the threads “found it!” can be frustrating for others encountering the same issue.  BTW you can mark your own response as best answer, and the site will post the thread as answered!