Kinetic application studio components and documentation

  • 24 August 2022
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Regarding creating new layers for client customizations using application studio, I have to convert many legacy 10.1.500 client customizations to the new Kinetic UI layers.  I am having problems finding documentation for the web controls (i.e. Epicor calls them ‘components’), specifically for each of the ‘properties’ of the components. I CANNOT FIND ANY DOCUMENTATION FOR THIS.  For instance, I am trying to use a DropDownList with UserCodes, but want to change values for TextField and ValueField  to change the default behaviour (CodeDesc and CodeId respectively), but the values are GREYED-OUT and cannot be modified. This was allowed in the legacy client UI.  For the DownDownList, there are many properties but I have no idea what they do.  For instance, what do the following properties do: ‘EpBinding Text Column’, ‘Field Name’, ‘Columns’ , ‘Return Object’.  Also, there are many checkbox properties such as ‘IsReusable’, ‘IsDelimited’, ‘Append List’, and don’t have any documentation to support what they do.  Can existing components be copied, they modified to tailor to specific needs? I would think at least an explanation for each property for the components (web controls) should be documented, and then perhaps a link to an example.


4 replies

a combo searching on user codes is quite straight forward, i am happy to help if required


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The lack of a technical guide for Kinetic has been an issue for a while on EpiUsers and Epicor responded by building downloadable manuals.  They are contained within the online help for Kinetic.

I downloaded the one for Application Studio yesterday and notice there is a property list for the combo box with different applications.  Surprisingly, there is no example linking to the UserCodes that I could see.  Given how accommodating the Epicor Help group has been I would think they would consider adding this in the future if you suggested it.

I am just in the research stage of learning how to migrate to Kinetic from Classic so I can’t really tell you how to do this.



There are examples of how to add a combo for a BAQ or User codes in the Epicor help


Thanks for responding.  I went to the 2022 Insights in Nashville.  The classes are good to get you started on Kinetic customizations, but Epicor should enhance the documentation to include an explanation of each of the web control properties. Some of the properties are intuitive, but some are not intuitive and need an explanation.  Having examples would help out too.  One of the gotchas is that with the old client customizations, you could have a non-bound control such as a checkbox, and check its setting through code. In Kinetic, you cannot.   My understanding now is that you can only access bound web controls. This means that I will have to create UDF fields which were not required before, which would create unnecessary additional UDF columns in the UD tables.