Kinetic UX - Grid Summaries including dashboard

  • 6 March 2023
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In the process of uplifting dashboard and discovered the new Kinetic UX has what I would consider a major defect.  When you choose to “Show Summaries” you don’t have the option to choose what columns to summarize.  Furthermore, it summarizes ALL fields it identifies as an integer or number like field.  So fields like OrderNum, OrderLine, and OrderRelNum are showing summarized in Grids and Dashboard Grids.  

I reported this as an issue and the response I got was...”development doesn't consider this a bug but a feature that needs improvement in the design of the Kinetic/New UI form”.

Please take time and open and add your vote.

We have decided to not uplift dashboards to the kinetic app.  We are leaving them to open from Classic. 
The rub on this is then you cannot launch dashboards then using the web browser.   

And if anyone has found a workaround, please share. 

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