License Timeout in Kinetic Cloud

  • 22 March 2023
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Users are set for 15 minutes but they aren’t being bounced.  We are converting from 6.1 and still running in Pilot

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Does this apply to IdP based users?  I’d be curious how to manage idle-timeout and absolute timeout for users using IdP.  On a slightly different subject - users using IdP continue to receive password expired messages until they use IdP to set a new password.  However, since it’s using our Azure AD credentials… it doesn’t really do anything.


Just to clarify this a little more, a license is requested at the time of login.  As long as there are licenses available, additional users can login.   As long as the user continues working in the application, they will retain that license throughout the day.   However, a logged in user will be considered to be idle after 15 minutes of inactivity.   At that time, their license is released and it becomes available to others.  The logic to that is you wouldn’t want an inactive user consuming a license.  Note that the application is not forced to close.  As soon as that inactive user begins a new activity in the application, their session requests a new license.  As long as there are licenses available, they are able to continue working.  They probably won’t even know they were temporarily inactive – without a license.  However, in the event that there were no licenses available when they tried to return from an inactive state, while the application would remain open, they would be unable to perform any new activities.  The application doesn’t close on inactivity.  That’s important to remember.  They would just receive a message that says that no licenses were available.  They would be prevented from continuing in the application until a license became available.

The licensing model actually works pretty well.  It prevents people from walking away from their desk and chewing up a license for the day.  It does lead to some confusion with people saying “but I was in and it kicked me out.”  It doesn’t kick them out.  It takes their license away when it sees they aren’t actively interfacing with the application.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Joe,

If you are coming from Vantage 6.1, the license model works very differently.  A user only uses a license when they are “hitting” the database.  They will not get bounced unless someone needs their license when they are not using it.


Does that make sense?