Lot number for Mfg Receipts - Custom

  • 17 January 2022
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I am looking to see if it is possible, or if someone has already figured out a way, to customize the Lot number on the Job Receipts to Inventory, that defaults with the job number, with additional information.  

For example we want that job number but we also want the “REVB” added to the job number so we have job 12345REVB as the final lot number for the parts going into inventory.

I feel a BPM is in my future but not quite sure where to start with this if it is even possible.

Thanks for any direction or insights.

Melissa H

4 replies

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Also interested in this answer if you figured it out please.



Did either of you make progress on this? I am trying to figure out a few solutions/design ideas, wanted to see if this could be one. 

I will. As per usual, I start the week out on one thing and get pulled somewhere else so I haven’t had a chance to get anywhere yet.

Let me now if you do. Thanks again


Melissa -

Great timing.  I’m actually working on this EXACT thing right now.  I have traced this out, and it is not clear where the PartLot record gets created.

I will let you know if I figure anything out.  Please post back if you figure anything out.