Master Job Shipped & Invoiced without Issuing Sub Jobs to Master Job

Hi All,

Our company manufacture one off large machines, so what we do is set up a master job (make to stock) and split the machine into 5 sub jobs (make to job). Before we ship the master job we do a job receipt to job on the 5 sub jobs to the master.

However we have come across an issue where we shipped the master job, but forgot to do a job receipt to job on 2 of the sub-jobs, so these 2 sub-jobs are still sitting in WIP.

We cannot un-ship  the master job and put it back in to stock as this has already been invoiced.

Has anyone ever come across this? Is there a way to issue the sub-jobs to the master job after it has shipped?

Thank you in Advance!

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Just off the cuff, two possibilities come to mind.  You didn’t indicate which version you are running and that may impact the possibilities.  First, you may be able to post a cancellation invoice to allow you to un-ship and re-open your sales order, and then re-run your shipment and invoice.  Second, you may be able to post job cost adjustments to add the cost of the sub-jobs to the master job, with the offsetting credits being posted to the same accounts that were debited when the sub-jobs were closed and their costs were captured.  I suggest trying these in a test environment first, to ensure that you get the outcomes that you want.  There probably are other possibilities, too, but as I said, those are the two that came to mind.  Good luck!


You should be able to open the master job back up and do a Job Receipt to Job.  I don’t know what cost method you are using, but since you are shipping from stock instead of a job you shouldn’t have to run the Sales Gross Margin Report to update invoice job cost.  

Couple of questions/things you might want to consider are 1) shipping from jobs - that way in situations like this you can see estimated versus actual costs at the sales order or customer level; 2) if sub jobs aren’t serial tracked, make sure final operation and auto receipt are checked on the sub jobs so they auto receive to the master.

As Scott said, testing in a test environment is encouraged.  You’ll want to verify all the costs flow properly and WIP clears.