Planning Throughput Report?

  • 3 February 2023
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For a given manufactured part is there a report that will calculate delivery date based on lead-times for build, test, pack, and purchased components ect? They basically are looking for a BOM/TimePhase/MulitLvL Pegging style report that given a Part and a Start Date it will drill down into all aspects of “creating” it up to and through shipping it out.

3 replies

These are some promising leads.  I also came across “manufacturing lead time calculation”.  I need to dig into these and see if they will satisfy the the powers that be!

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We have also done this with Actions> Capable to Promise in Sales Order Entry. That requires adding the part on a Sales Order Line, so it is more overhead than using Available to Promise, but it does generally what you describe. It also takes into account current capacity and resource availability if you do finite scheduling.

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Have you tried Available to Promise?  There’s a good deal of explanation in the online help about it.