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  • 30 January 2023
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im trying to customise the PO tracker, ive created one in PO tracker and cant find it when i add the customisation in menu maintenance.
I tried creating it in PO entry because i saw that i can pick from the PO entry customisations in menu maintenance for PO Tracker.
am i missing something really simple here or is it not possible to customise the tracker.


3 replies

Some times it helps to save the customisation for all companies.

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In menu maintenance, click on the PO Tracker entry, go to Actions, and click Copy To Company. Then add your customization. You probably have the All Companies checkbox on the customization cleared (the default state).


Cheers guys thanks for your replies.

i figured it out in the end, turns out you customise it like you would do with the pop out screens.

I should have realised this, call it Monday morning brain fog lol

if anyone reading this doesnt know.

to customise the pop out screens you have to name the customisation the same as the main menu one.

for example the Packing Slip browse menu, which you get to by going into Invoice Entry > Actions > getShipments > click the Manual selection button > Packing slip browse form.

if you want to customise the packing slip browse form then you have name it exactly the same as the Invoice entry customisation.

each can have completly separate functions but have the same name.