Recurring Journal Entries 2023.1

  • 3 November 2023
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I created a list of recurring je s but am stmped on the next steps to schedule etc.


Any wisdom to share?

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To use recurring journal entries in Epicor, the first step is to create them in Recurring Journal as a JE template and create the posting schedule.  After you have created your JE and your journal lines and saved, go to the gear icon (formerly Actions menu) to generate the posting schedule.  The Schedule is generated from your open fiscal years/periods. 

Recurring entries can be posted as is each month, or you can override the dollars or GL accounts by using copy/paste update from Excel. The entry defaults as “not scheduled” so you need to flip it to “scheduled” each month so that Epicor knows to grab it. 

Step 2: Apply Recurring Journals.  Run this process at month end to pull all of your scheduled recurring JE into a JE batch. Choose your cutoff date (last day of month) and the journal (general journal).

Step 3:  Journal Entry.  Go to Journal Entry to view your unposted recurring entries.  The Group will be named RECUR-10 (where 10 is the month=October for example.)  All entries that you marked as scheduled will be separate journal entries within this group - ready for review and post.  You can still edit here if needed.

You can run the recurring journal process multiple times per month, each time it will only pull the entries marked as scheduled.  

We use Recurring Journals for accruals with both fixed and variable dollars.  Recurring Journals isn’t a huge timesaver for me, but it is slightly faster than creating new journals from scratch each month.  It’s also a good tool to make sure you haven’t missed a standard entry in your month end close.