Security for adding/editing tables

  • 30 January 2023
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    We are migrating from Epicor 9 to Kinetics in the Cloud.

    Below is how we would put security on the various master tables .

   Is this still the way to restrict this type of access?

   Any suggestions/recommendations are appreciated. Thanks




1 reply

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Yes, there is no functionality change in the way that the security is handled. In most cases, the new screens are simply a different view to the same business objects that you are familiar with in the old UI.

In this case, we have separated Menu Security Maintenance from Menu Maintenance giving you one place to edit all the menu security lines… formerly, it could cause confusion because you could click on Customer in one of many different places, but they all pointed to one security id… now you simply go to the Menu Security Maintenance and look for the apps… then you click on them, and set your security one time here.