Shipping to Puerto Rico when using both Avalara and QuickShip

  • 12 May 2023
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Out of the box, there is a conflict between Avalara/Avatax and QuickShip when shipping to Puerto Rico or Guam.

Avalara requires that the country (or IsO Code) be USA or US.

QuickShip (at least for UPS) requires that the ISO Code be PR for Puerto Rico.

As of today, we have a solution that works with BOTH Avatax and Quickship.

First, get things working with Avalara by following the instructions in the knowledge base article written by Duane Henle (KP 0126122 attached)

Second, get things working for Quickship using Doug Taplin’s solution that I describe below.


In short, one continues to use USA as country code (or ISO code) in Epicor (to work with Avalara rules per KB0126122 by Duane Henle), but use a BPM and Quickship Data Mapping so Quickship PackInfo.ShipToCountry receives “PR” as the country code.


These are some more details of how I would implement it:

  1. In Epicor, create a BPM that populates a standard old fashioned UD field such as ShortChar01 with PR when it is shipping to Puerto Rico (this could be at customer and ship to, or Sales Order, or Customer Shipment Entry).
  2. In QuickShip Data Mapping, Create a new mapping record called something like “Change Puerto Rico from USA to PR”
  3. The Source would be PackInfo.ShortChar01 (or whatever UD you choose that works in QuickShip)
  4. The Target would be PackInfo.ShipToCountry

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