Show/hide UOM on Sales Order

  • 7 June 2023
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I’m trying to hide UOM’s from salespeople. To be clear I only track our inventory and sales UOM. I don’t want to track any other UOM’s. Here are some examples:

  • We purchase a part in Meters and sell it in Yards. I don’t want sales to see the Meters UOM and choose it either purposefully or by accident.
  • I have a Count UOM Class. Some parts in that class are sold by Dozen, others by Case and others by Gross. I don’t salespeople to select Gross on parts that are sold by the case.

There is the option to show/hide the UOM on the web but not on the sales screen.

1 reply

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Dear Doug, 

I believe either in classic WinForms or new Kinetic screens, for Sales Order Entry, UOM can be removed in a customization / layer.  If there ever will be a case where UOMs need to be selectable by Sales, someone who can handle it, will need to retain access to the original screen.  In other words, if there is even one product you sell that needs to be made available for sale in two or more UOMs, you’ll need to be careful for which users you remove the UOM field.