SSRS Bar Code Font with Zebra Printer

  • 8 June 2022
  • 3 replies

I created a SSRS Report with Dataworks 39 Font for the bar code. It prints correctly on a normal printer but when printing to Zebra Printer the bar code comes out blurry and is not scannable. Any direction on fixing this issue would be greatly appreciated. 


I did search the site but didn’t come up with anything relevant. Could have missed it though,

3 replies

Perhaps rescale the bar code text box in SSRS and test print to see if changing the size makes a difference. 
Although I really do not have experience in this issue; as we send data from Epicor to Bartender and print the barcodes from Bartender. 

Hello - You might try Extended Code 39 for the barcode.  I believe that’s what worked for us at GoLive.  

Try setting the output to EMF instead of PDF,  makes the text much clearer.