Stop Ship - How To Easily Put A Hold On A Part To Prevent Shipment

  • 5 June 2023
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We have a stop-ship directive process that occasionally necessitates a stop-ship situation.  Often times it may be a design change is needed to solve a customer problem and we want to prevent shipments (ideally with just a few clicks of the button) of the part until a new revision is created and released.


To clarify, this does not mean we want to stop taking sales orders for the product, just simply prevent it from being processed on sales orders going out the door until the stop ship is lifted.


Does anyone know of a functionality to accommodate this?

3 replies

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This is not a perfect fit for your situation, but if you are only looking at a handful of orders with this part it could work.

  1. Do a time-phase on the part to see what orders it is on
  2. Right-click open with Order Entry and put those orders on hold.
  3. Remove from hold once part is ready to ship

This will stop the whole order from being shipped, so other parts could not be shipped if on the On Hold order.

Also, make sure that Allow Shipments for Orders on Hold is not checked in Company Configuration - Modules - Materials -Shipping/Receiving.

And of course you could build a BPM to stop shipments.  Put a UD field checkbox in the Part Master called Prevent Shipping or similar.  If checked - stop shipping. 


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I have seen UD Fields used for this type of thing, and then BPMs… example:

  1. do not ship part
  2. Do not allow purchasing of this part
  3. Customer Hard Hold (not a credit hold… a hard hold… do not accept anything including orders, shipments, etc… even unrelease all jobs associated with make direct jobs). 
  4. Supplier hard hold (do not allow any transactions against supplier)

all of the above requires multiple BPMs to define the rules, but in most cases the BPMs are very easy 2-3 widget BPMs.

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+1 to @tshoemaker and @djo  ideas!  Doug’s approach could be facilitated by an updatable dashboard that would accept a part number and display sales order lines, then from there facilitate the hold.  Maybe a regular dashboard that would find the orders and you could context into them from there.

As you design your custom features, keep in mind whether you need a manufacturing hold (eg., the engineering changes must be made first) in addition to ship hold.