Suggested Purchase Order - Forecast and Planned MRP Jobs

  • 29 March 2022
  • 1 reply

We have a situation where we entered a Forecast.  The forecast is triggering suggested Jobs at at least two assembly levels below the forecasted parent.  However, we are not seeing suggested Purchase Orders for the suggested jobs.  We do see Suggested Purchase Orders for Firm Jobs that we created.  Is this how Epicor MRP works normally?  All other Part/Part Detail/Site type settings like Days of Supply, etc. are set to zero and seemly should not be preventing the Suggested PO’s.  Curious if anyone has any ideas on this situation.  -Todd

1 reply

Hello - I tested Forecasting and have PO suggestions at low levels for demand from suggested jobs. We call them R-jobs as that is our prefix. When we have had “missing” suggestions, it was usually one of the following:

Part - Process MRP not checked

Part - Generate PO Suggestions not checked

Revision for the parent wasn’t approved

Of course you might already know this.