User Runs BAQ Via Dashboard And Exits Before It Finishes

  • 24 May 2023
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K22.1, most users using classic screens


We have a BAQ that, if users forget to enter a part number, can return millions of records and we believe a user may have done this, and force-terminated the smart client due to it taking so long.  Perhaps the same person would log in again, and try it again.

We are already taking steps to change the query so it won’t run without a part number specified.  My question is, in the situation described, how long would the BAQ continue to run, consuming server resources, after the user’s session was forcibly terminated?

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Hey Good Morning Monty, 

the ultimate timeout can be dealt with at both the Epicor appserver level found in the Epicor Admin Console (EAC) and on the SQL server settlings. You’ll want to check both of those to pin down your expectations. 
there’s some good discussion on settings and other constraints for the query on about this issue as well.
One key take away is that all BAQs should be tested as much as is possible, on a test and development server that is approximately equal to in load and processing power to the production server (easier said than done of course) but the testing protocol you develop will then catch more of these kinds of thing earlier, while in the dev cycle. Partial DBs are not enough, and you should always clone your system AND ensure the two environments are fully separated at a system config and server level… bad things happen on copied systems that are not “safed”. Fortunately, there is lots of guidance on that too. 

I Hopes this helps get you and the users pasted this frustrating point. 
Henry Burke