When Does Epicor Auto-close Order Lines?

  • 19 March 2024
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I’ve seen many posts, searching here, about the logic Epicor uses to close sales order lines.  But way more questions than answers.  Would someone please tell me, when does the sales order line record (OrderDtl) get closed, as designed by Epicor?

  • When shipped?
  • When invoiced?
  • When the invoice gets paid?
  • After close of business following any of the above?




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I believe it’s when it ships.  SO won’t close if there is a zero line and that line is not closed manually, if for some reason not shipping all the lines, OOS, etc

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To draw a finer line… when all releases for a line are flagged as shipped complete.


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OK so if I’m understanding correctly,, and I’m only talking about SO lines not the whole orders, if we ship all the quantities of a sales order line, but they’ve not been invoiced, or they’ve been invoiced but not yet paid, and these lines are not closing, we have an error?

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@slepley @dmyers Thanks for responding! ..M.

Not sure about the error.  Doesn’t have anything to do with invoicing or invoice being paid.  It’s all shipment that close the lines and/or SO.  If that helps

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Check your customer shipment tracker and make sure the lines that complete the shipment have the shipped complete checkbox checked.  I once had a shipper that would uncheck the shipped complete checkbox every time.  I believe that checkbox being checked and the pack slip being marked Shipped control the closing of the Sales Order lines/releases. 

The shipped complete checkbox should be automatically selected if the shipped quantity meets or exceeds the order qty, but it can been manually overridden.


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Will do.  Thanks, one and all! ..M.

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@slepley @djo 

Thanks Doug and Scott!  We now believe that in the affected cases, the person creating the shipments is unchecking the “Shipped Complete” box.  Unfortunately, there is confusion around the feature because in industry, there is a phrase “ship complete” which means in Epicor language, Ship Order Complete, which is not the same thing but sounds alike.  We ship a hundred or more parts orders daily from this specific company, and one or more of the persons entering the packers, if changes are needed to the quantities, are manually unchecking this box, we believe.  Research and design of a workaround, are still underway.