Reinvigorating this SIG for Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals

  • 28 February 2022
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With eDHR on the horizon, Integration with Mattec and a host of other topics specific to Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical, I would like to see if we could possibly reinvigorate this SIG.

Especially with the advancement of Zoom & Teams, it should make participating in a vertical SIG much easier than in the past.

I’m more than happy to do the heavy lifting to get this off the ground.

  1. Is there Interest?
  2. How do we find/notify other Epicor MD&P companies
  3. What’s your top 2 topics when it comes to Epicor MD&P?

Many Thanks,

Steve van Niman

Tyber Medical

1 reply

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I am CFO and Executive Manager of Regulatory for Aseptico, Inc. in Washington state.

We design/manufacture/sell worldwide.

Most products are considered  a Medical device, though  low risk since they are all Dental only.


At last July’s Insights, there was a Medical Device session, but there were few attendees other than me.

We have dropped much of our product  line from Europe, due to the extreme cost of compliance in their shift to MDR.


Paul Jackson