Classic (WinForms) vs Kinetic: Features Dropped?

  • 30 March 2024
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Now that so many companies have tried transitioning to the new (Kinetic UI) screens from the old Classic (WinForms) screens, in what areas have you noticed that features have been dropped in the new screens, compared to the old?  In one of my company’s open cases, there’s a List view screen that doesn’t accept sequence numbers greater than 9999, when a paste-insert is being processed, but allowed them when hand-keyed.  That occurs in Issue Material BTW.  Because the cause is a WinForms format, I thought to work around the issue by using the Kinetic screen.  But no import or paste-insert feature has been implemented in this screen, and according to Epicor Support, it was omitted purposely.

This leads us to wonder: where else is this happening?  Did Epicor include in any release notes that some of the features of a WinForms screen were omitted from the new screens?

Please reply if you've found anything similar.



5 replies

I’m curious to know how far companies are with converting to Kinetic form or are most holding out until Epicor fixes the numerous issues?

Does anyone know the Epicor revised timeframe on conversion and the specifics on  if/when classic will be unusable?

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Each year at Insights they say they’ll continue to support the WinForms screens for two years minimum, but the current situation as I understand, is that they’re no longer fixing the old screens, and new features are being introduced that are only accessible in the new screens.  When it was ERP 10, the new screens were given the name Kinetic.  But now the whole product is called Kinetic officially, which is confusing to some users.

As soon as I heard from Epicor that they left-off the import feature intentionally from Issue Material, I realized they may have done this elsewhere in the software, so I wanted to open a discussion space here, to see if anyone else had seen a list of dropped features, or had encountered a similar situation.

Thanks Monty for your reply.  I have seen numerous featured dropped, but have not kept a list.  I was hoping they would be added back as Epicor keeps working on this.  I apologize if I have highjacked your post, just looking for information.

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@dmyers Not at all; in fact, would you please list here, any you can recall?  Thanks much...