Cycle Count Tag Entry using EKW

  • 20 November 2023
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Hello Everyone, 

We cycle count using EKW and Honeywell CK65 handhelds.

In our bulk warehouse locations, we have several large rolls of material. 

The typical unit of measure for these rolls is LF (Linear Feet). 

Bin H1 is one bulk location, it usually contains several different part numbers and several rolls of each different part number, i.e. 5 rolls of XX61 and 7 rolls of XX10 etc.

Attached to each roll is a barcode label that contains its part number and quantity.

A Cycle Count generates 1 tag for PN XX61 @ bin H1. 

In Bin H1 there is a total of 525,000 LF of XX61 (3 rolls @ 100,000 LF each, 1 Roll @ 105,000 LF and 1 Roll @ 120,000 LF.).  

Using EKW Count Tag Entry for part number XX61we scan the first roll for quantity 100,000 and the next for 120,000.  The count quantity recorded is 120,000, the last quantity scanned.   In other word’s if you scan a roll for 100,000, and the next roll scanned is 120,000 the count tag quantity entered is 120,000.   What we desire is the sum of 100,000 and 120,000. 

Using Kinetic client Count Tag Entry, we can right mouse click in the quantity field and select Calculator from context menu.   Scan a quantity barcode, press + key, scan the next barcode and press +, scan the next and press + etc. 

When finished scanning all of the rolls of XX61click OK button and the sum is inserted into the quantity field.

Is there a same or a similar feature available in EKW? 

Is there a way to scan multiple barcodes and it capture the sum of the total quantity scanned? 

How are other EKW users dealing with this?


Best regards,


Dale Dalton

ERP Specialist

UEI Group, Inc.

2 replies

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Dale -

You could use a small customization on the EKW interface to allow the handheld user to press the plus sign to “add” multiple scans together.  This may be the easiest way I could think of.  Would this work for you all?

Hope this helps,

Calvin Dekker


EMUG Midwest Chair


That’s a good idea.  Might work, I’ll keep it in mind.