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  • 3 August 2022
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we are having a weird thing with the filfillment workbench.

on order fulfillment the Order Fill % column and the Avail to Fulfill % column is staying at 0 for everyone (im assuming everyone) apart from the person that usually deals with the fulfillment side of things.

I have full adminsitration rights and it says 0 for me too.

any ideas of why this is happening?




Best answer by dmartinelli 3 August 2022, 16:25

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You need to click on Actions at the top of the form and select “Calculate Fulfilment on Search”

I believe this is the solution.

Under the Actions list for the Fulfillment Workbench Menu there is an option to “Calculate fulfillment on search” This needs to be checked. Otherwise it will not calculate. Each user needs to check this. 


thank you very much :)

appreciate the help