how do I entre outside Payroll service info for both GL and Bank rec

  • 5 January 2023
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I am switching from doing payroll in Epicor to an outside service. I ran a few payrolls and am now entering the data from Payroll reports into Epicor.  I made a spread sheet.  Cut and pasted into a GL entry and posted. GL wise everything is kosher. Today I am doing a bank rec. I have no payroll cash transactions to clear since they were GL entries. If I make bank adjustment entries I am double counting. Not sure how to fix what I did in December and how do I enter the data in the future  so I have balanced GL entries and can do bank recs.  Any advice would be appreciated.

5 replies

We enter the payment as a Miscellaneous payment in “Payment Entry”

You can set up a GL distribution there.  to an accrued payroll account and then make the GL distributions against that account.


We use Paylocity and have an excel report created for each payroll that includes all GL accounts and dollars in the correct format.  I do a paste insert into a Bank Adjustment that records all payroll expenses and bank account transactions.  When it is cleared in the bank rec, we just selected that entire group of entries.

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Those methods all work great.

To fix your immediate problem, my fix is always to do a bank adjustment entry, and for the GL account enter your bank GL account.  This will then  create an equal in and out transaction to the Bank GL Account, but will create the “bank” transaction that Bank Recon can see.

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I thought of doing the bank adjustment to the cash account but it just seemed so simple that it would work without causing me more problems. So I did a GL entry and posted my cash  transactions to accrual accounts then made bank adjustment entries to the accrual accounts. That's probably what I will do in the future. I will change my GL accounts in spread sheet to the accrual accounts for direct deposit and Taxes. I will copy and paste that to GL entry. The make a bank adjustment entry for the two amounts I put in the accrual account. That way it will be in the Bank rec program and match the amount on my statement so I won’t have to add ta bunch of transactions up  and check the totals. 

We use an outside service for payroll as well.   We created a “Payroll Clearing” account and use that so that we can use bank adjustment.    The other items like HSA, FSA, and 401k contributions we do via bank adjustment also.      Then I make a journal entry for all of the other items and to clear the Payroll Clearing account.