How to define a shift for specific days?

  • 1 June 2023
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I’ve read alot of the articles here as well as parts of the Epicor Scheduling Tecnical reference Guide. I kind of feel like there is not a good answer to my question but heres my story.

We created a dashboard that is modelled on the Shop Tracker but it is a historical record of Who’s Here, Who’s Not Here, and added Who’s Late, Who Left Early, Who’s out >35 minutes, Who Worked Overtime. We are required to track and report the number of lates, left earlies and ovetime.

We have a variety of shifts. Most are 4 days x 10 Hours but some are 3 day x 12 hours, 5 days x 8 hours and even one that is 2 days x 10 hours.

One of the things that supervisors are complaining about with using the dashboard is that when an employee on a 4x10 shift is asked to work overtime on the 5th work day, they can come in at any time. Say the shift starts at 6:00 AM but because this employee is coming in on his day off he can come in at 8:00 AM. Because shifts do not have specific days these employees always show up as being late on that 5th day.

  1. Is there some way to define a shift to specific days?
  2. I tried creating a production calendar and adding it to the employee record but I think this only works if the employee is assigned to a resource group? We have resource groups with generic operators in them rather than specific employees.
  3. What is really the purpose of the calendar that can be assigned in the Employee record?

Help, advice, moral support and sympathy would be appreciated.

4 replies

anyone have experience with defining a shift to specific days? Another thought here: Is there a way to have an employee on different shifts on different days?

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We just completed a 4-hour training sesson on Scheduling, and were told the default calendar in Site Maintenance should contain all of your working hours, for all shifts, and days.  In your example, you have 4x10, 3x12, 5x8, and 2x10.  So your overall company Production calendar would have overlaying work hours. 

Easy one is 5x8, so you would have Monday = 9,10,11,12,1,2,3,4,5 all checked.  Same for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

4x10, you would simply check the additional 2 hours for the 4 days that shift works.

3x12, you would check the additional hours for the 3 days that shift works.

2x10, you would chedk the additional hours for the 2 days that shift works.

This configuration allows the Production Scheduling logic to see your total work hours per day.  It does not care what shift people are on at this point.

You have specific Resource Calendars to tie a Resource to working days and hours of work.  This will allow the Production Scheduling logic to assign the resource to an activity based on the resources specify calendar of availability.

There is maintenance that is required to keep the calendars correct.  You can specify Non-Working days in your Production Calendar, so the Scheduling logic does not see available time, that it will use, when no one is in your facility.  These would be the statutory holidays.

Hi Glenn, Thank you. We do have the site calendar set up as you describe above and have been working on building resource group calendars.. Did you learn anything about how to use the calendar that can be linked in the employee record? At this point I think all of the calendars in Epicor are only linked to job scheduling and none of them interact with an employee shift or provide a way to better define an employee shift. 


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We have calendars set up for Shift 1, Shift 2.  Shift 1 is from 7-4 M-F, and Shift 2 is from 4pm-1am M-F. Then we have 3 Resource Groups, Manufacturing, Test-Days, Test-Nights.  We link the Shift 1 calendar to the Manufacturing & Test-Days resource groups. Shift 2 calendar is linked to the Test-Nights Resource Group.  We allocate our employees to each Resource Group, thus inheiriting the appropriate calendar associated with the Resource Group.  The calendar on the Employee record over-rides any group calendar the employee would inherit, being part of a Resource Group.

If I may recommend, you set up 4 calendars, 5x8, 4x10, 3x12, 2x10.  Create Resource Groups for each of the 4 calendars.  Add your employee’s to whichever Resource group they align too, using their work hours.  If you have employees that are outside of these standard hours, you can create a specific calendar for them on the Employee record, or create different Resource groups, adding / deleting the employees’ as needed.