Menu Maintenance - Kinetic App - Program ERP.UI.xxxEntry - Select customization - Set as Read Only

  • 31 January 2023
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In Kinetic, the Entry Screens now have what’s called an Activity window.  Essentially, Epicor built the Trackers inside of most Entry screens (YEAH!!).  Therefore, you don’t have to open a new form to see the related transactions to the job, order, po, etc.  Additionally, this allows me to create the entry form customization and not two customizations to the independent forms:  entry + tracker. 

Create XXX Entry screen customization layer.  To apply the Entry Customization Menu Item to the Tracker Menu Menu Maintenance, find the related tracker click on Actions > Copy Menu to current Company.  Now you have a UD Menu Item for the new tracker instance.  Change the Program Type to Kinetic App, Select or Enter the Program (ERP.UI.xxxEntry), Select the Customization and Check the Read Only checkbox. 

I ran into a few where after changing the tracker menu item to Read Only (pulling the entry UI and customization), logged out and back in, opened the customization was there but the form was not Read Only. 

Supplier Tracker is the one I ran into.

There is a an updatable BAQ to set the Read Only.

  1.  Open BAQ Designer & Create New BAQ (something like uBAQ-Menu).  Give it a description and check the Updatable checkbox
  2. Go to the Query Builder-Phrase Build tab and enter menu and move it over to the design area
  3. At the bottom, add a new Table Criteria:  a) Field = MenuDesc b)Operation set to = and c)Filter Value set to specified constant.  Here is where you identify the Tracker item that is having issue (IE:  Supplier Tracker)
  4.  Display Fields Tab:  Company, MenuID, Menu Desc, Arguments
  5. Update Tab:  check the Arguments as updatable
  6. Update Processing tab:  click on Business Object and Ice.Menu should appear.  Click Ok
  7. Save
  8. Analyze tab:  click on Get List
  9. Copy the Arguments from one form (with no company)
  10. Double click on the Arguments field (with company).  This opens the updateable window.
  11. Paste the arguments and click OK
  12. Click the update button
  13. Do this for every instance in the menu the tracker exists (Supplier Tracker = 6).
  14. Log out of Epicor and back in.  
  15. Open the Tracker and now both the customization is there + the form is now Read Only.
  16. Note 1:  to do this for other trackers, don’t forget to go back to the Query Builder > Phrase Build tab:  Table Criteria and change the Menu Desc for the additional Trackers you need to update.
  17. Note 2:  if you make any changes to the customization layer, you have to go back and do this all over again (steps 8-13) with a clean logout and back in.

3 replies

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Thank you for this, Patty! 

I’m in the process of converting our classic forms to Kinetic and just randomly discovered that all of my Supplier Tracker screens were write accessible. Yikes! Even in the latest version 2023.1.5 that our Pilot environment is on.

This solution fixed the problem as stated.

Have you reported this as a bug? I couldn’t find anything when searching for this in EpicCare.

Have you shared this on, too?

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That definitely sounds like a bug (or unintended behaviour. Please report this security issue to Support ASAP. Trackers should never allow editing. 

What is in the initial statement above is very true, we only have one app now, but it runs in two modes.. one is the edit mode, and one is like teh tracker mode.. but since it is one app, if you make a customization in the Part Entry, then Part Tracker also has that change. This is a great thing!

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Excellent news Tim!  What about those cases where the old tracker had functions the entry program did not?  For example, retrieving labor transactions in Job Tracker?  Are those features now available in the entry programs as well?