Part Allocation Records After Shipment

  • 9 May 2023
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Kinetic 22.1


I’m looking at PartAlloc records, and I see records that are Demand Type Order, with either a Picked quantity or a Picking quantity.  In one example I looked up, the order line has shipped complete.  I thought that would remove the PartAlloc record but it is still there, and I see no indication that it has been consumed.  Does Epicor mark these PartAlloc records in any way, once they’ve been consumed?


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Monty Wilson
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1 reply

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The inconsistency I saw was in a Test database, and I’ve not been able to see any remaining PartAlloc records in the live production system, which have shipped complete in a pack line.  When packers are entered in Epicor and marked as shipped, the PartAlloc records seem to be removed, as I’ve read in this forum is the expected transaction.

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