Feb 2014 Medical Device and Pharmaceutical SIG Virtual Meeting

  • 16 January 2014
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Join us for the second Epicor Users Group (EUG) Epicor Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Special Interest Group (SIG) Virtual Meeting on Monday, February 3, 2014 at 10-12:00 central, 8-10:00 pacific, 11-1:00 eastern to hear about the latest tips and tricks for Epicor Medical Device Manufacturers.In this informative virtual meeting we will be discussing:

  • Electronic Signatures and BPM—User demonstration of creating top BPMs in their business; including Electronic Signatures

  • Enhanced Quality—Learn how to manage controlled test plans and the results for products, groups of products, processes, and other testing. This solution offers the ability to define testing elements or attributes as well as lists of attributes to test which can be used to measure against testing results for pass/fail decision criteria. 

  • Serial Numbers—Understand how Epicor tracks serialized products through the software and how you can leverage this capability in your business. 

  • Wrap-up and next meeting discussion

We are personally inviting you to be part of this unique group. Register to learn from Epicor experts and fellow Epicor users in the Medical Device Industry about the latest and latest tips and tricks on your Epicor solution.

Registration Link: https://epicor.webex.com/ec0606l/eventcenter/enroll/join.do?confViewID=1355933134&theAction=detail&confId=1355933134&path=program_detail&siteurl=epicor

Christine Hansen
Product Marketing Manager
Epicor Software
Email: chansen@epicor.com

1 reply

February 2014 Medical Device and Pharmaceutical SIG Meeting

Thank you for attending our event in February.  Below is a link to the recorded event.  In addition, I have a camtasia from our sales team on Electronic Signature.  I am attaching the recording to the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical forum on the EUG site. 


Our next meeting is LIVE in Las Vegas at Insights 2014

Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Special Interest Group (SIG)

Tuesday, 4/29/2014 1:10 PM - 2:00 PM  Room: Breakers E

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