BOM Categories

  • 10 November 2023
  • 1 reply

Does Epicor acknowledge/support  BOM categories similar to that of SAP? Aside from s standard BOM does Epicor use Costing BOMs or Production BOMs for example? After creating a Standard BOM for a given part you would have the ability to replicate that BOM for costing/production purposes? 

1 reply

I can’t find anything what you are looking for.

This attachment shows a Excel macro formatted actual Epicor SSRS BOM report.

The SSRS is hard to read.

I have another macro running after this to add costs to the right for each part (material, labour, burden, subcontract), but if the costs are not rolled up, the total cost on the BOM is incorrect.\

There is nothing I found on manufactured BOM.



Please, someone direct me to one that is readily available.