Custom Financial Report ?

  • 31 October 2022
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Our fiscal year follows the calendar year which is fine.    However, there are times when we need to run a report for a date range that may start in the previous year.     Is there any way to do that in Epicor ?    I don’t see any options for that in the standard financial reports.  

We are on version

6 replies

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If you are talking about Trial Balance or General Ledger type of standard reports, then no, I have never seen the ability to cross fiscal years.

If you are asking about the customizable basic financial report designer, then there is more flexibility to show multiple periods in the same report

Hi Paul, 

Yes  - I was referring to the Trial Balance & P&L specifically.     I was afraid that was going to be the answer…..I can hardly wait for my boss to tell me how he was able to do that in Quickbooks….. 

Thanks for the confirmation!

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Pretty sure that you can do date ranges in Excel Connect and Spreadsheet Server.

That is what I use for all my financial reporting.

I would LOVE to have Spreadsheet Server….I just haven’t been able to convince the boss that it’s worth the investment.   

I see this post is 3 months old now, but in case you’re still looking, try FastClose. 

You can easily create your financial statements (and much more), using delivered report templates, and format them for any audience.  FastClose reports run real-time against your ERP data so they’re accurate whenever you run them. 

There’s a video here: 

FastClose Reporting works straight out of the box.  And it’s risk-free.  You can get FastClose on a trial basis to try before you buy.  Your boss will probably like that! 

Check it out and let me know if you’d like to learn more. 

Thanks!   We are still in need of a solution for reporting.   I’ll take a look at FastClose and get the boss to take a look also.    I appreciate the info!