Excel Data Only Some GL reports error out when trying to print to Excel Data Only

  • 20 November 2023
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Invty WIP Reconciliation & Journal Listing reports will not render to the Excel Data Only option. Had this issue when upgraded to 2022.2.14. Support said broke will be fixed in future.

I updated our test environment to the .25 and then .28 patch and these reports run fine using this option. Updated last night to the .28 patch on Production and still have error out issues.

Here is part of message:

Program Ice.Services.Lib.RunTask when executing task 1327233 raised an unexpected exception with the following message: RunTask:
System.ArgumentException: The shared data source must be specified. (Parameter 'sharedDataSourcePath')
   at Ice.Lib.Reporting.SsrsReportImporter..ctor(SsrsReportingServiceCaller serviceCaller, String sharedDataSourcePath) in C:\_releases\ICE\ICE4.2.200.0\Source\Shared\Lib\RoutingBreakingRules\SsrsReportImporter.cs:line 35

Any ideas?

From a database standpoint I back up Prod DB and restore to Test DB so all is same data. Both dbs are on the Compatibility lever 130 (2016). Both have security accounts\logins set to same settings from what i see.

Thanks for any ideas



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Looks like some extra files did not get loaded. On my test db my report folders look like this.

Those files don’t currently exist on my production server. Waiting for support to see if there is an easy way to get loaded. Or if I can just copy the Excel Data Only files to my production ssrs folders.

Any thoughts or opinions appreciated


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You can either copy them, or point the data source to the excel files so you only have to maintain one copy of the Excel files.

Support staff told me today that the Excel Data Only files on his systems have not been there since 10.2.700. If not in Kinetic reports folders (App Server Configuration>Reporting Services>Import SSRS Reports checkbox) why is the Excel Data Only option still in the Output dropdown?

Can anyone verify this is the case in your environment?


Can you print Stock Status or WIP/Rec to CSV?


I did not try that option. I have already copied over the _ExcelDataOnly reports, so I can’t test the reports I originally had problems with. If this comes up again I will try this.