GL Account not showing up correctly

  • 19 January 2023
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We have an account set up for a fixed asset project.     When you do a search in General Ledger Account Maintenance, the account will show but the description is blank.     When you do a search in Chart Tracker, the account does not show up at all.    It is an active account, but something is wrong, and not sure what it could be to be able to fix it.      Any ideas or suggests, all would be greatly appreciated.



We are on Epicor ERP  version 10.2.700

5 replies

It sounds like just this one GL Account is having the issue.  Is that right?

In GL Account Maintenance, is the account description showing empty in the search result, after you select and return, or both?  Is Override Description Desc checked?  Maybe Description was cleared after the account was created.

In Account Segment Values, for the Natural Account segment, do you see a value in Name?  For the other Controlled Segments, do you see a value in Abbreviation?  

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Here is a screen shot showing what we are seeing or not seeing:

you can see that the last line is missing the desc at the end of the line.   and if you look to the left edge of the screen shot, you see that it doesn’t show the account number there either?  The in Chart Tracker, if you do a search, the account is not there at all.

you can see 2397 and 2399, but 2398 doesn’t show.    But in account maintenance it shows active.


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Also, the  first 2 segments have a desc added,  But nothing if there for the third one.   I see others like this one, but the show up correct everywhere.   Not seeing a difference.  

That Description on the right is GLAcctDisp.AccountDesc.  The one on the left is GLAccount.AccountDesc.

If you go to Chart of Accounts Maintenance > Display Order you will see the order in which your segments are displayed.  Out of the box they display as Segment 1 (natural account), then Segment 2, then 3.  I think your Display Order is set to show Natural Account Segment 1 after 2 and 3.

Try this.  Go to Chart of Accounts Maintenance > Actions, then click Rebuild Display GL Account.  When that’s done, search again and see what happens.  

Hi Jack.  Did this work for you?