Unit/Integration testing software

  • 20 January 2023
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Hello fellow Epicor Users, 

My company is currently planning our upgrade to Kinetic and with that also planning out our testing.

I’d like to ask the community how you are testing in Kinetic for new development.

As there’s now the web interface are there some testing tools you’ve adopted for Unit/Integration/System/Regression testing and how are you finding it?

Are you still taking a largely manual approach to testing?

What are some best practise you’ve adopted or hint/tips for the community?

Many thanks

1 reply

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You need to identify your critical business processes and use that a a base for integration testing.  For example, if you are a distributor, and your Order to Cash process is a critical process, document the current process, including any external system linkages.  Apply this documented process to the Epicor process of Order to Cash and compare the outcome.  If Epicor does not provide the same answer as your current process, investigate and document where the Epicor process brokedown and what is required to correct it.

Repeat until the outcome from your current process equals the outcome of the Epicor process.  Be aware you may have redundent steps in your current process that are not required by the Epicor process, but the end results should be the same.